The All Deliveries tab in Portal is your essential resource in all H.Bloom order management. You are expected to review your deliveries tab each day to ensure no H.Bloom orders are missed. You can also review future work and past orders for planning and production purposes.

Search All Deliveries

This tab is your homepage, and will include ALL deliveries, including single consumer orders and/or corporate orders.

You will be able to sort and filter your H.Bloom orders by the date range: a single day, the week, the month, etc. 

The Print function will generate a production or delivery manifest for the filtered date range. The Export function will generate an excel file for the filtered date range. 

Search Future or Past Deliveries

Find your deliveries by any date range. Click on the dates, then "Custom Range". Using both calendars, select your start and end date. Click on "Apply" to apply those dates.

Viewing Deliveries 

The results will look something like this. You will be able to upload a photo for a delivery, or view full order details by clicking "View Details." This gives you information like the order item descriptions, recipient details, etc.

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