Managing Consumer Orders 

  • What's on the consumer order page?
  • Accept or Reject a new order 
  • Mark an order as delivered
  • Request order cancellation
  • Sending a message on the order

Manage consumer order details and statuses on the "Manage Consumer Orders" tab. You can also manage all orders (including corporate orders) in the Delivery Tab.

What's on the consumer order page?

You can find all of the order details such as order status, delivery date, order item descriptions, recipient and greeting card messages. You can also view all messages and send messages related to that order.

Accepting or Rejecting a New Order

There is a 2 business hour window to accept or reject an order. If no action is taken as those 2 business hours pass, the order will be automatically accepted and added into your portal. Business hours are 7:00am - 5:00pm local time on your shop's operating days (ie. Monday - Saturday). Please email: to inform them of your closed business days in advance, including holidays or special closures.

To accept a new order on the order details page, click on the "Accept" button. These orders will have "Pending Filler Action" statuses.

You can also accept or reject an order directly on the "New Order" message the Messages tab.

Marking Orders as Delivered

When you successfully delivered an order, update the order status by selecting "Delivered" in the order details page. Alternatively, orders' delivery statuses can still be updated in the "Delivery Tab".

Request an Order Cancellation

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to fulfill an accepted order, you can request a cancellation for an order any time leading up to the delivery date. For example, if the order's delivery date is 11/20/2017, you can request an order cancellation on 11/19/2017 or earlier, but not on 11/20/2017. To request a cancellation prior to the order's delivery date on the order page click on "Request Cancel."

Same Day Cancellation

Vendors are unable to cancel an order in Portal on the delivery date. If you must cancel on the delivery date, you can send a message on the order page and notify us or e-mail

Sending and Checking Messages on an Order

On the order page, scroll down to the bottom. To send a message, type a message and click on "Send Reply". To reply to a message, click on "Reply," type out your message and click "Send Reply."

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