Cancelling Accepted Orders

Orders may be cancelled by both H.Bloom and the vendor.

H.Bloom Cancellations

In the event that H.Bloom needs to cancel an accepted order, H.Bloom will send a cancellation message any time leading up to the delivery date. For example, if the order's delivery date is 11/20/2017, H.Bloom can cancel an order on 11/19/2017 or earlier. You will receive a "Order Cancelled" message.

Same Day Cancellations

Cancellations on the day of delivery will need your confirmation. When this occurs, a "Cancellation Request" message will be sent to your "New/Cancelled Orders" inbox, where you may click on "Confirm Cancellation" to cancel this order. 

Note: A cancellation request does not mean the order has been cancelled; you must click on "Confirm Cancellation" to cancel the order.

Vendor Cancellations

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to fulfill an accepted order, you can request a cancellation for an order any time leading up to the delivery date. For example, if the order's delivery date is 11/20/2017, you can request an order cancellation on 11/19/2017 or earlier, but not on 11/20/2017. To request a cancellation prior to the order's delivery date:

Finding the Order

1. To view the consumer order page, click on the "Manage Consumer Orders" page.

2. To search by Order ID, enter in the numbers after "HBNO" or "SUB". For example, "HBNO-123" can be searched by "123".

3. You can also search orders by their delivery date or a range of dates. To search for a particular date, click on the Dates search field, and select a date. Select a date on the 2nd calendar to search by a date range. Click "Apply" to set the date ranges.

3. All orders matching your search criteria are listed here. Click on the order number to view the order details.

Requesting a Cancellation

On the order page, click on the "Request Cancel" button.

Same Day Cancellation

Vendors are unable to cancel an order in Portal on the delivery date. If you must cancel on the delivery date, you can send a message on the order page and notify us.

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