You can upload photos in the All Deliveries tab. First, find the delivery you want to upload a photo to.

1. Navigate to the All Deliveries tab.

2. Find your deliveries by any date range. Click on the dates, then "Custom Range". Using both calendar, select your start and end date. Click on "Apply" to apply those dates.

3. Click on "Add Photo"

4. Click on "Choose a File". Select the photo you want to upload from your files.

Click "Upload."

Photo Importing Rules & Expectations

H.Bloom requires photos of all deliveries. These photos protect your shop for possible customer service issues and help upkeep the H.Bloom standard and quality. Photos should be taken on-site if possible, with a clear angle and cannot be stale/re-imported photos from a previous delivery. They must be freshly taken for each and every order. If your delivery team is not equipped with photo capabilities, a clear studio photo is acceptable. There are instances where a client requires on-site photos and that information will be communicated to you at the time of the order placement. 

Good photo example:
Bad photo example:

View Delivery Photos

On the delivery, click on "View Details" to view delivery details, including your uploaded photos.

This will open up a pop up with the delivery details, including the photo:

Deleting Photos

Note there is NO way to remove or delete photos at this time. If you upload a photo in error, please also upload the correct photo. 

Uploading Multiple Photos

To upload more than 1 photo, you will have to manually add each photo one at a time by clicking on the "Add Photo" button on the delivery detail.