Account Profile: Getting Started

What We Need from You

E-mail the below information to

1. Current mailing address including P.O. Boxes or where we can send FedEx packages as well. If checks need to be sent to a separate address, please provide us that information as well.
2. E-mail addresses and phone numbers associated with your sales team and decision makers. Who will be seeing emails and confirming orders?
3. Accounting e-mail - If there is a separate accounting e-mail that should receive the payment release notifications.
4. Driver & designer logins - If you would like separate driver and designer logins, please email with the email addresses and what role you are requesting an additional login for.
5. Zip codes - Please send an Excel file with all the areas you deliver by zipcode and their applicable delivery fees.
6. Payments: 

H.Bloom is happy to offer electronic payment directly to your bank account via ACH. The ACH setup process starts with gathering your bank coordinates. The second step is a small test deposit that you will need to confirm the deposit with H.Bloom. The final step is to have H.Bloom confirm the test deposit with our bank.

Email with the subject “ACH setup” if you would like to be setup with ACH payments.

Please have the below information ready to give to H.Bloom in order to be setup for ACH payments.

  • Name Of Your Bank: (e.g. JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.)
  • Your Bank’s ABA Routing Number:
  • Name Of Record On Your Bank Account: (e.g. usually the name listed on your checks)
  • Your Bank Account Number:
  • Address Of Record Of Your Bank Account: (e.g. 111 Main Street, New York, NY 10001)

Confirmation E-mails

You will receive order confirmation emails. The order confirmation emails send out when an H.Bloom Representative has confirmation on the order from your team and enters the order in the system.

Reminder E-mails

You have the option to also receive service/delivery reminders. The service/delivery reminder emails send out at 6 PM Eastern Standard Time the night before a delivery. Email and let us know if you would like to receive service/delivery reminder emails as well.