Managing My Shop

In the "My Profile" tab, you can manage your delivery info including:

  • Special delivery dates
  • Delivery zip codes
  • Operating days

Managing Special Delivery Dates

Under the delivery tab, you can add pre-set delivery dates and indicate whether you are open or closed. Closed for the holidays? Add your dates with a description and you won't get any orders for delivery those days.

Close My Shop for Today

Can't take any more orders today? Click on the yellow "Close my Shop for Today" button and press "Save" and you won't receive any more orders for delivery today.

Managing Business Days

Easily set your shop business days by clicking on "Edit". Click on "Open/Closed" to set your days. "CLOSED" indicates you do NOT deliver on that day at all and will not receive orders for delivery that day.

Managing Zip Codes

Control which areas you deliver to by managing your zip codes. Add as many or few zip codes as you would like. Pro tip: expanding your delivery area can result in more orders!