Q: How do I accept or reject an order?

1. Manage consumer order details and statuses on the "Manage Consumer Orders" tab. You can also manage all orders (including corporate orders) in the Delivery Tab.

2. To search by Order ID, enter in the numbers after "HBNO" or "SUB". For example, "HBNO-123" can be searched by "123".

3. You can search orders by their delivery date or a range of dates. To search for a particular date, click on the Dates search field, and select a date. Select a date on the 2nd calendar to search by date range. Click "Apply" to set the date ranges.

3. All orders matching your search criteria are listed here. Click on the order number to view the order details.

Accepting or Rejecting a New Order

There is a 2 business hour window to accept or reject an order. If no action is taken as those 2 business hours pass, the order will be automatically accepted and added into your portal. Business hours are 7:00am - 5:00pm local time on your shop's operating days (ie. Monday - Saturday). Please email: partnernetwork@hbloom.com to inform them of your closed business days in advance, including holidays or special closures.

To accept a new order on the order details page, click on the "Accept" button. These orders will have "Pending Filler Action" statuses.

You can also accept or reject an order directly on the "New Order" message the Messages tab.