We are excited to launch our new messaging and order management features that let you navigate every aspect of your H.Bloom orders and services on your computer or mobile device!  This article will cover:

  • Messages tab overview
  • Navigating your inbox
  • What's in a message?
  • Types of Messages

Messages Overview

The new Messages tab in Portal gives you easy access to all notifications regarding new orders or changes to a consumer order. You can now accept or reject orders, view order details, and much more on a message. You can view all orders (both one-time consumer or subscription orders) in the All Deliveries tab.

Navigating Your Inbox

Your messages are filtered into 4 categories. These include:

  1. New/Cancelled Orders: New incoming order messages are colored green. Order cancellation messages are colored red.
  2. Unread Inbox: All incoming messages that have not been manually marked as read appear here.
  3. Full Inbox: This contains your entire incoming message history.
  4. Sent: This contains all messages you have sent out.

What's in a Message?

 The content of the messages will vary, but they all display the consumer order information such as:

  • A link to the order details
  • Price, delivery date
  • Link to order items (quantity, SKU number, product description)
  • Recipient contact details
  • Current order status

You can also accept, reject, or reply to orders with a click of a button.

Types of Messages

All messages' are sent with titles indicating what type of message it is. The types of messages you can receive include "New Order", "Cancellation Request", "Price Change" messages and more. To view the full list of message types, click here.

Receiving New Messages

Messages don't automatically update when a new message comes in. You can click on the "Refresh" button to retrieve the latest messages.

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