Q: What's the difference between a consumer order and subscription order?

Consumer Order

Subscription Order

  • A subscription order can be:

    • a one-time order that consists of 1 or more flower arrangement, bouquet, plant, etc. 

    • a recurring order (ex: every Tuesday for 6 months) that consists of flower arrangement, plant installations, premium gifts, plant maintenance, etc. 

  • Typically, corporate clients (hotel, restaurant, business, events, etc) will have these subscription orders.

  • New subscription emails are sent out with subscription details. Please "REPLY ALL" with "CONFIRMED" to confirm the order.

  • Starting October 29, New Subscription Order messages are managed through your Messages. 

Manage Consumer or Subscription Deliveries

To view and manage the actual deliveries, both consumer and subscription deliveries are managed in All Deliveries.

Communicate Order Issues / Questions

Can't reach the customer?

Need to request a substitute?

Is the delivery delayed?

Both consumer and subscription order questions and issues can be communicated by a message on the order.