What's an Order?

There are 2 types of orders you may receive: consumer order and subscription order.

A Consumer Order is a one-time order that consists of 1 or more flower arrangements, bouquet, plants, etc. This type of work is managed through both your Messages and Manage Consumer Orders and REQUIRES acceptance or rejection through your Portal. These orders follow the 2-business hour auto-acceptance rules so please check Portal frequently.

A Subscription Order can either be a one-time order that consists of 1 or more flower arrangements, or it can be a recurring order for a corporate client. For example, a weekly Plant Display at a hotel's lobby for 6 months. Please "REPLY ALL" with "CONFIRMED" on your new subscription order to accept the order.

Starting October 29, 2018, Corporate subscription orders are also managed through your Messages and REQUIRES acceptance or rejection, managed in the All Deliveries.

Searching All Orders

To view all deliveries (consumer AND/OR subscription), please check how to manage your deliveries here.

Searching Subscription Orders (Coming Soon!)

If you need to review a subscription's details, please find the message "New Subscription Order" and click on the order number. This will take you to the subscription order page where you can review all the details, check messages, and send messages about this order. 

Please note the actual deliveries is located in All Deliveries, where you can mark an order delivered and upload photos.

Searching Consumer Orders

Generally you will review all your deliveries in the All Deliveries tab, but if you need to send us a message, you can do it on an order. Search your consumer orders in the "Manage Consumer Orders" tab.

1. To view details for a consumer order or to send us a message for an order, click on the "Manage Consumer Orders" page.

2. To search by Order ID, enter in the numbers after "HBNO" or "SUB". For example, "HBNO-123" can be searched by "123".

3. You can search orders by their delivery date or a range of dates. To search for a particular date, click on the Dates search field, and select a date. Select a date on the 2nd calendar to search by date range. Click "Apply" to set the date ranges.

3. All orders matching your search criteria are listed here. Click on the order number to view the order details.

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